Jessica Huizenga Is Interested In Innovative Curriculum And Assessment

May 16, 2015
In 2006, the Harvard Graduate School of Education named Dr. Jessica Huizenga the Principal Scholar for the Institute for Large Scale Improvement. She also received the 2012 Coburn Award for Outstanding Dissertation for her dissertation, entitled “Addressing Problems of Practice and Instructional Improvement in Collaborative Settings: A Theory Based Approach”. In 2012, Dr. Jessica Huizenga was honored to be able to serve as the University of Massachusetts-Lowell's graduate commence speaker. Dr. Jessica Huizenga today worked in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. She has an interest in innovative curriculum, instruction, and assessment being used to address the achievement gap, development of superior educators, enhancing engagement with parents or family, and providing equitable opportunities for students to ensure that they have the ability to reach their maximum potential.